December 24, 2009

Muhmood Drone Sound Pack for WinXP

Merry Holidays!
i am wishing everyone to enjoy the holidays season and have a great new year
full of great things and happiness.
And here is a treat for you - MUHMOOD DRONE SOUND PACK for Windows XP
it replaces original Windows XP system sound files with drony ambient samples.
Instructions how to use it are in the README file inside.

Special thanks to my friend Dmitrii A. who inspired me to make this pack

December 10, 2009


...lots of snow, holidays, laziness, solitude. Another span of hybernating till about end of april... Fuck! but it's got a good side to it too! In fact i have been pretty busy playing with all the material i had recorded this year, so much to do and now i will have plenty of time on my hands. I like winters for this. Loaded my shelves with a bunch of inspirational books and films that will keep me busy for a while. My latest discovery - Takashi Miike's "MPD Psycho" mini TV series - i swallowed it in one day - wish i could understand Japanese to watch the original...

Lately have been listening to the bands like Sleep, Skepticism, Beehoover, Yob and Twin Eagle they inspire me a lot especially Eagle Twin! Another one that really moves me is Of the Wand and the Moon. My mind is wanderring around the idea of starting a new music project which i already have the gut feeling for but can't really put it into words or sounds yet but it will definitely include field recordings... The new year will show.

September 27, 2009

Cult of Dionys

A pair of Mainades, draped with vines and a panther skin, present a hare to Dionysos. The god holds a wine-cup.


September 7, 2009

bucket session

Last weekend i went to my parents to help them harvesting potatoes - i was using a metal bucket there that i found to be more talented than the other ones. I called it a "singing" bucket and took it to the bath house for an hour of experimenting. Here is an impovisation that i think came out nicely.

bucket session

September 4, 2009

recent discovery - Cocorosie

this is the kind of music that really inspires me to move on !!!
it is hard to express how swept away i am by this band - Cocorosie!
i adore every single thing about them - the lo fi format, the unusual mixture of sounds, the mood and the freaky sense of rhythm, the performance itself and of course the incredible unique vocals!

so far this song called "Black Rainbow" is my most favorite.

August 20, 2009

Tamara and Demon - Director Cuts

This is one of the tracks that was cut from the Tamara and Demon soundtrack
room 2

Download Tamara and Demon album here

August 12, 2009

new track

Today started a new track. Very inspired with how it's coming out - looks like i found the sound i was looking for!
here is a draft:


August 3, 2009

M-Audio MicroTrack II

Now i am a happy owner of this device :]
This means a big "YES" to field recordings from now on!!! what i need to get next is a few assorted mics for it and my imagination will be totally unleashed. Wish i had it when i was recording 6200 miles of silence ....

the manufacturer's annotation
here are three short test samples i did today in my garden


July 6, 2009

Muhmood & Victor Ivaniv - Rùt (EP)

Released by the netlabel Enough Records

We have been working on this EP on and off for a year.
Victor Ivaniv is a futurist poet from Novosibirsk, Russia.
I went to his book presentation in our town and was completely
impressed with his performance - i offered him a collaboration
after the gig and he embraced it. This is just a warm up EP,
we will do a long playing album eventually.
This one includes 3 poem and a prose piece.

Любимый Раджа

DOWNLOAD album rar: 31MB the mp3 file tags include the lyrics
Victor Ivaniv blog

Creative Commons License

June 25, 2009


…exciting time of starting to work on something new…

there is a concept show planned for the end of September 2009 that needs a soundtrack, something abstract and very minimalistic.

…and there are a couple of online collaborations being considered. It’s going to be a very busy summer!

June 20, 2009

Volume/Voice VA release - The Happy Divide

A UK netlabel Volume/Voice included Muhmood's Sly in the Various Artists compilation "The Happy Divide".

1.Former Ammunition - Forced Alliance (5:59)
2.Kalx - Mutlea5 (4:25)
3.Muhmood - Sly (5:24)
4.Aryan Zombi - Cataclysm (6:00)
5.Richard Pilkington - Detritus (4:45)
6.Pashkë - The Detached Universe (10:18)
7.Phylum Sinter - Sun Stands Still (4:03)
8. - Wraith Of Beauty (7:35)
9.Martin Kay - 3 Ghost Of Harold Holt (Part 2) (7:34)

Label: Volume Voice
Catalog#: v.000
Format: File, MP3, FLAC, Compilation

Country: UK
Released: 2009
Genre: Electronic, Non-Music
Style: Industrial, Abstract, IDM, Noise, Ambient, Acid, Experimental
Notes: MP3 Release Format : 256kbps
FLAC Release Quality : 8

June 13, 2009

Pillars Photo Series

Places where i made the field recordings for the "6200 miles of silence" album
Altai Region, Russia

June 10, 2009

6200 miles of silence

The new release 6200 miles of silence is based totally on field recorings. In one sentence it is a journey of electricity through the huge power lines making its way across the rural Siberian territories. In the archive with the release you will find an extensive series of photo work - "Pillars"

1. wind in the cords - 19:05
2. electrification of Udmurtia - 10:41
3. 8300 pillars of Altai - 24:00
4. 1000 kVolt - 14:23

play sample: 1000 kVolt
DOWNLOAD album rar: 320 kbps 164MB

Creative Commons License