September 27, 2009

Cult of Dionys

A pair of Mainades, draped with vines and a panther skin, present a hare to Dionysos. The god holds a wine-cup.


September 7, 2009

bucket session

Last weekend i went to my parents to help them harvesting potatoes - i was using a metal bucket there that i found to be more talented than the other ones. I called it a "singing" bucket and took it to the bath house for an hour of experimenting. Here is an impovisation that i think came out nicely.

bucket session

September 4, 2009

recent discovery - Cocorosie

this is the kind of music that really inspires me to move on !!!
it is hard to express how swept away i am by this band - Cocorosie!
i adore every single thing about them - the lo fi format, the unusual mixture of sounds, the mood and the freaky sense of rhythm, the performance itself and of course the incredible unique vocals!

so far this song called "Black Rainbow" is my most favorite.