December 24, 2009

Muhmood Drone Sound Pack for WinXP

Merry Holidays!
i am wishing everyone to enjoy the holidays season and have a great new year
full of great things and happiness.
And here is a treat for you - MUHMOOD DRONE SOUND PACK for Windows XP
it replaces original Windows XP system sound files with drony ambient samples.
Instructions how to use it are in the README file inside.

Special thanks to my friend Dmitrii A. who inspired me to make this pack

December 10, 2009


...lots of snow, holidays, laziness, solitude. Another span of hybernating till about end of april... Fuck! but it's got a good side to it too! In fact i have been pretty busy playing with all the material i had recorded this year, so much to do and now i will have plenty of time on my hands. I like winters for this. Loaded my shelves with a bunch of inspirational books and films that will keep me busy for a while. My latest discovery - Takashi Miike's "MPD Psycho" mini TV series - i swallowed it in one day - wish i could understand Japanese to watch the original...

Lately have been listening to the bands like Sleep, Skepticism, Beehoover, Yob and Twin Eagle they inspire me a lot especially Eagle Twin! Another one that really moves me is Of the Wand and the Moon. My mind is wanderring around the idea of starting a new music project which i already have the gut feeling for but can't really put it into words or sounds yet but it will definitely include field recordings... The new year will show.