December 2, 2010

a draft

dialed a new tone, what do you think?

riff 000010

July 31, 2010

Muhmood & Ego Ex Nihil - Fictive Planets

We finished this album in 2008 and finally it will be released on a very decent Russian label that deals purely with doom metal - Solitude Prductions

Collaboration of two experimental Russian projects based on mixture of post-metal doom riffs with dark ambient parts. A long deep space journey around invisible fictive planets is depicted by harsh guitar riffs while minutes of atmospheric soundscapes do not bring any relief just adding to the overall depressive picture of wandering and desperation.

more info on this release - here


1. Lunar Knots
2. Admetos
6. Surya

preorder - release date 01/08/2010
Limited Edition - 100 copies

June 18, 2010

Pedals Samples

Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster that Toni Iommy used
this shell is from an old transformer made back in the Soviet Union, love the rugged look of it, but yes - i know the knob looks terrible and it is temporary...
so here are some samples of this box and the ones from the previous post

MeatHead - mids
MeatHead - solo
MeatHead DLX - mid
MeatHead DLX - low
MeatHead DLX - solo
Fuzz Face - gentle
Fuzz Face - solo
Fuzz Face - treble
Fuzz Face - noisy low mids
Fuzz Face - low

June 4, 2010

DIY guitar effects

Here are some of my first builds
from left to right:
Meathead DLX > Fuzz Face GE > Meathead

FF is done in Mark Rothko style - he lived and worked the same time with Hendrix and Hendrix liked bright colors, so i thought it wold be right.

i am very happy with the sound of all three of them and ispired to build more, seems to turn from curiousity into passion now! 8)

just a couple of days ago finished Dallas Range Master - a clone of what Toni Iommy used on his first albums in Black Sabbath - it is a very simple treble booster but sounds so great!

will try to put up some samples later...

April 6, 2010


This is my first purely field recordings album released by the Portuguese netlabel Green Field Recordings. Talmenka is the name of the river in Altai Region and a village that stands on it. It's been a very inspiring place for me, surrounded by the woods, lakes and two rivers. So here is a bunch of tracks i recorded on my several trips there, i wanted to share a few local frequencies that are more like a sound diary of last summer.
The artwork that goes along with this release are photos of the places where the recordings were done.

Download this release from the Green Field Recordings site

March 26, 2010


what a discovery!
really great quality experimental stuff...
if you google him - pretty well promoted too - even gonjasufi chineese cookies are available!
hope he won't go too commercial and make more of true creative music.
loads of respect to you, man all the way from the melting Siberia!

Official Website: Gonjasufi

March 12, 2010

LiquidSonics - Reverberate LE

This is a high quality Reverberator vst plugin. I just discovered it recently and was amazed!
You have option to download it for free or give a donation from the website of the manufacturer HERE

also there is a bunch of impulse responses for this plugin at echochamber and rhythminmind