June 4, 2010

DIY guitar effects

Here are some of my first builds
from left to right:
Meathead DLX > Fuzz Face GE > Meathead

FF is done in Mark Rothko style - he lived and worked the same time with Hendrix and Hendrix liked bright colors, so i thought it wold be right.

i am very happy with the sound of all three of them and ispired to build more, seems to turn from curiousity into passion now! 8)

just a couple of days ago finished Dallas Range Master - a clone of what Toni Iommy used on his first albums in Black Sabbath - it is a very simple treble booster but sounds so great!

will try to put up some samples later...

1 comment:

troymax said...

I can hardly understand the stuff, but it looks cool anyway