March 12, 2010

LiquidSonics - Reverberate LE

This is a high quality Reverberator vst plugin. I just discovered it recently and was amazed!
You have option to download it for free or give a donation from the website of the manufacturer HERE

also there is a bunch of impulse responses for this plugin at echochamber and rhythminmind


Anonymous said...

Reverberate LE is possibly the best free impulse player and the retail/full version is also a steal at only £30.

Do yourself a big favor and grab the 'Acousticas Bricasti M7' impulses to go with this. Essential impulses and top pro quality that should have been commercial but had to be pulled for legal reasons.Now they're free.

Along with Epicverb this is the best freebie reverb around and gives Alterverb a run for its money.

MUHMOOD said...

Thank you Anonymous, didn;t know about Bricasti impulses, i am sure i will put them to good use.