August 18, 2011

how does it feel to live in siberia?

feels like you are in anexpensive cultural butthole stuck in your room with double insulated windows from november till end of april, the upside of this experience is you can appreciate the advantages of other places... cause you know the difference... seeing homeless people in New York wearing white socks and wearing 100 bucks boots makes you wonder why people can't appreciate all the opportunities laying right at their feet and just choose to be bums... Siberia is not a bad place to live after all, the worst thing i disliked there is that everything seems to be a copy, and immitation or stylization of what they see in hollywood movies ( which by itself is a total crap to me) but when it turns into a cheap chinese artificial crap - it is even worse... the good side of life there is that you still can get some good made of natural not so much processed products that - versus western "civilized" food that tastes like plastic. In Siberia you can go wherever you like put up a tent and make a camp fire without any permits or fear that you intruded someone's property... there is a lot of rugged freedom there that i really miss

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Mary said...

Great share.

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